Frequency Xcel Toric

Frequency Xcel Toric
by CooperVision
3 Lenses per box

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  • BC: 8.7
  • DIA: 14.4
  • LENS TYPE: Monthly disposable soft contact lens for astigmatism
  • PACKAGE DETAILS: 6 tinted soft contact lenses in a buffered 0.9% saline solution
  • MATERIAL AND % OF CONTENT: 45% polymer (methafilcon B)
  • MANUFACTURER: CooperVision, Inc., Scottsville, NY


In case you have astigmatism and long for a clear vision, then frequency xcel toric contacts are an ideal choice for you. Astigmatism is a defect in the eye which is caused by deviation from spherical curvature. In this condition, light rays are prevented from meeting at a common focus; which in turn results in distorted images. The frequency xcel toric contact lenses are made by CooperVision with UltraSync Technology. This type of contact lenses is made by blending Methafilcon A with high water content which helps to keep eyes hydrated and provides high comfort levels to the wearer. The design of thesecontacts lensesensures to provide stable lens with nominal rotation.

The light blue tint of these lenses makes the wears to see then clearly while inserting as well as removing the contact lenses. Additionally, the high levels of moisture make the contact lenses apt to wear in air conditioned office as well as outdoors.

Astigmatism is a defect in the eyes to focus the light rays at the common point on the spherical curvature of the eye, which furnish distorted image. CooperVision’s developed toric (astigmatism correcting) lens design which dominates consistent vision correction even at the higher levels of astigmatism. Frequency Xcel toric are highly comfortable and fit to the range of eye structures.

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BRAND: Frequency

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  • Good experience

    Great lenses for dry eyes. I have been a user for a few years but they are way cheaper to buy on Buycontacts4u online than via my optician. The price and delivery period are fabulous.I got 15% off,which is great. I would highly recommend.


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