Frequency 55 Contacts

Frequency 55 Contacts
by CooperVision
6 Lenses per box

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  • LENS TYPE: Monthly disposable soft contact lenses
  • PACKAGE DETAILS: 6 lenses immersed in buffered 0.9% saline solution
  • MATERIAL AND % OF CONTENT: 45% polymer (methafilcon A)
  • MANUFACTURER: CooperVision, Inc., Scottsville, NY


Made by CooperVision, Frequency 55 contacts provide sharp vision along with easy handling and long-term comfort. These are aspheric contact lenses which enables light to enter the eye to be more focused on the retina. They are made with UltraSync technology with high quality and accuracy. Made from 45% methafilcon and 55% water, these contacts give long-term moisture which makes them very comfortable to wear. They are ultra thin contact lenses that resist build up which does not lead to any eye irritation. Frequency 55 contacts are made for daily use but you must clean and disinfect with solution at the end of your day.

Frequency 55 Aspheric contacts supply you amplify vision quality. The light through the eye focus to a common focal point on the retina of eye rather than general area. The design of Frequency 55 (Aspheric) provide higher vision resolution and high definition focus. This creates a very sharp and precise visuals to eye with comfort and strong performance.

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BRAND: Frequency

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    I have dry eyes. I tried lots of different brands. Then I tried this brand 4 years ago which was recommended by my optometrist and I found them so comfortable and I never searched for another brand again.


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